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Divorce is never simple. It can, however, be less painful, less time-consuming, and less expensive if both spouses can agree on the terms of the divorce. This is called an uncontested divorce. When a couple files for an uncontested divorce, they typically do not have to go to court, saving them the stress of litigation and costly court fees.

The Wyoming Supreme Court offers a pro se (no attorneys) packet for divorces. 307 Law Office does not just help clients fill out the paperwork. Even in an uncontested divorce, we use the same paperwork and pleadings and attention to detail as in a contested divorce. We represent one spouse and follow the proper process, which ends in a settlement agreement formatted correctly and with the legally necessary provisions to ensure a clean divorce and fewer problems down the road.

Although time in court may not be required, it is always a good idea to retain the services of one of our knowledgeable Gillette divorce lawyers to make sure your best interests—and the best interests of your children, if applicable—are protected. We understand that this is a difficult time for your family, which is why we strive to make the transition as smooth as possible.

307 Law Office offers full-service uncontested divorce to make sure that when the divorce decree is entered, you can rest assured it was properly done.

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Filing for Uncontested Divorce

If you would like to have your divorce resolved as quickly as possible, you and your spouse must agree on the terms of the divorce.

Certain elements that you must come to an agreement on include but are not limited to:

In order to settle these and other relevant issues, you and your spouse will have to meet to discuss each item, detailing a resolution to enter into the divorce decree. Our Gillette uncontested divorce lawyers can help to ensure that your best interests are protected. We are experienced in working with other attorneys and negotiating uncontested divorce terms.

Trust 307 Law Office with Your Uncontested Divorce

Simply because a divorce is uncontested does not mean that the process is any less difficult for you. At 307 Law Office, we understand the emotional situation you are dealing with—that’s why we go above and beyond for our clients, offering personalized legal services, objective legal advice, and reliable representation. We can help you have your divorce quickly resolved in a way that is beneficial for you and your children.

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