Solo Practitioner to a Regional Law Firm

Alex Berger started his law career working for the State of Iowa representing people who could not afford an attorney. He worked long hours at that job, gave his clients the best representation he could, and he never lost a jury trial. Circumstances brought Alex to Wyoming. In 2013, his father invested in oil wells in Crook County. Shortly after, it became apparent the investment was a fraud—a Ponzi scheme. Several investors filed a lawsuit in Wyoming to recover their losses (some of which included life savings of retirees). Alex put his other work aside and came to Gillette to represent his father in the litigation with Gillette attorney RT Cox. Gillette was welcoming and seemed a great place to raise a family. After Alex secured a $2.7 million dollar judgment against the fraudulent oil company and its CEO in favor of his father and the other investors, Alex and his wife Kay decided to permanently relocate to Gillette. Their daughter was born in Campbell County Memorial Hospital in 2015.
Alex cares about being a good attorney. Wanting to provide excellent services to those who might not otherwise get quality representation, he opened a private practice firm in 2016 with offices in Gillette and Newcastle. He shared his first Gillette office with Dwight Hurich (a veteran family law attorney) and Felix Sowada (the only bankruptcy and mental health commitment defense attorney in Gillette). Felix Sowada is nearing retirement and Dwight Hurich retired in November of 2018. Stulken & Brown has benefited enormously from having Dwight and Felix as mentors. Sean Brown went to law school with Alex. During law school, they developed a strong friendship—the bedrock of which is that they both wanted to become high-quality, ethical, and intellectually honest attorneys. For both, a law degree was more than just a meal ticket, it was a profession. They pushed each other to be better law students—to outwork everyone else—and they both graduated at the top of their class. They trust each other to be hardworking and ethical. After making several trips out west, Sean and his wife decided they wanted to move to this beautiful part of the country. Once Alex got established in Wyoming, he invited Sean (who was working in a mid-sized Indianapolis law firm) and his wife Jennifer (an elementary school teacher of ten years) to move to Gillette to start a law firm together.
In 2017, Berger & Brown was formed. Offering legal services together, Alex and Sean worked to make Wyoming a better place. Alex was a part-time prosecutor in Weston County in 2017 and in 2018, he successfully ran to become to the elected County and Prosecuting Attorney for Weston County, Wyoming. In 2019, Berger & Brown grew again, adding Randall T. Cox as an advisory attorney to the firm, and hiring Emily Simper as an associate. Emily went to work with the Campbell County Attorney’s Office in March of 2020. Berger & Brown moved its main office into the top floor of the First Interstate Building. Berger & Brown now shares its office with Jeremy Michaels and Deb Michaels of Michaels and Michaels, PC. Being in the same office as those two attorneys, with their wealth of experience is an amazing opportunity for Berger & Brown. In March of 2020, Berger & Brown added Attorney Anthony Toscana to its team as an of-counsel attorney focusing on estate planning. In August of 2020, the firm changed names to Stulken & Brown, with Michael Stulken becoming a partner. Alex Berger  mainly runs the business side of the firm and helps the other attorneys with their cases on a part-time basis.

Sean and Alex's office in the First Interstate buildingIn 2021, Sean took an opportunity and became the civil attorney for Campbell County. The firm became 307 Law Office and focuses on the legal services that Gillette and Newcastle need most: family law, bankruptcy, estate planning, and personal injury. By narrowing their practice, Stulken & Brown is able to keep abreast of new legal developments and the best ways to litigate those issues in local courts. Although these are the focus areas of 307 Law, Michael, Anthony, and Alex have experience in many areas of the law. Michael has over fourteen years of experience. Anthony has worked with cooperate clients for over ten years. While 307 Law has focus, the primary goal of the firm is to provide excellent legal services, even if it falls outside the focus areas.

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