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No matter the circumstances, divorce is almost always an emotional and difficult situation for all parties involved. The dissolution of a marriage is no simple matter—it’s important that you have the assistance of an experienced attorney on your side. Most divorces in the state of Wyoming are based on irreconcilable differences, though other situations, such as a spouse who has spent at least two years in a mental institution for incurable mental health impairment, may be grounds for divorce.

No matter your unique circumstances, the Gillette divorce attorneys at 307 Law Office can help you navigate the divorce process. Former Of-Counsel Attorney Dwight Hurich has over 30 years of legal experience in Gillette helping families through the legal process and he consults with him about possible outcomes and best strategies in divorce matters. He is intimately familiar with the necessary paperwork, proceedings, judges, and potential obstacles in the divorce process. Michael Stulken is part of the divorce team, helping primarily with legal research and writing. Working alongside skilled attorney Michael Stulken, our divorce attorneys can assist you with both contested and uncontested divorce, as well as high-asset divorce. At 307 Law Office, we treat our clients like family, offering the compassionate guidance and strong representation you need.

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Divorce Filing Requirements in Wyoming

Wyoming is a no-fault divorce state, meaning you may not find cause for divorce based on a spouse’s wrongdoing. Typically, Wyoming divorces are based on irreconcilable differences between both parties, though wrongdoing may be used to determine the division of assets, spousal support, and more.

In order to file for divorce in the state of Wyoming, you must have either been a resident of the state for at least sixty days prior to filing, or the marriage must have been formalized in Wyoming and at least one spouse remained a Wyoming resident since the marriage date until the time of the filing.

What Is Decided in a Divorce Judgement?

Marriage is a legal contract and the dissolution of your marriage will result in the division of shared assets between you and your spouse. During a divorce judgment, a few key factors will be examined in order to determine equitable distribution of property, child custody, and more.

During divorce proceedings, judgments will be made on a number of matters, including but not limited to:

The divorce laws of Wyoming provide for an equitable division of assets, not a fifty-fifty split. This means that the judge in your case will divide any property, bank accounts, retirement accounts, and other shared assets in a just way—not necessarily an equal way. Additionally, spousal support and child support are based on the income of both spouses and their abilities to work, along with other factors. Our Gillette divorce attorneys have an in-depth understanding of Wyoming’s various family laws and can assist you with every aspect of your divorce proceedings. Not every case needs to go to a judge, our attorneys negotiates with the opposing party to try to get the best for his clients by settlement without having to have a drawn-out court battle. But if the parties cannot settle the case, we are willing and ready to fight for you in court.

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Divorce can be frightening, intimidating, and stressful. Our Gillette divorce lawyers know what a difficult time you are going through, and we are on your side. Our team is accessible, offering open and honest communication and answers to your questions. We can guide you through every step of the process so that you can focus on your future.

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