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When children are involved in a divorce or the divorce or custody order is long past, it is often up to the family court to decide who gets custody of the children and how much child support the non-custodial parent pays. The basis for the determination of child support is the parent’s net income, or the total take-home income after deductions such as income tax and health care benefits. The family court judge takes recommendations into consideration as well. Child support is payable until the children reach the age of eighteen or longer if a child is still in school or has a disability. If you are going through a divorce in which the support of your children is still up for debate, our Gillette child support attorneys can help.

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Who Pays Child Support?

Child support is a financial obligation of each parent to provide for their children. In the state of Wyoming, child support is the responsibility of both parents.

Child support is partially calculated based on the parent’s net income, which can include:

  • Employment income
  • Unemployment income
  • Worker’s compensation income
  • Retirement income

Wyoming recently, in July of 2018, changed their child support calculations, but an attorney can calculate the presumptive amount by looking at historical income. The Courts can order a deviation from the presumptive support, but it gives you a good idea where the court will start. Other factors, such as the inability to work or unwillingness to work, are taken into consideration. Situations where one parent has custody of the children more often than the other are also taken under advisement. One example is if the non-custodial spouse gets a lower paying job right after separation thinking they will pay less in child support—a good family law attorney will argue for the custodial parent that support should be based on potential income. Parents can also choose to pay more than the court-ordered support; however, they may not choose to pay less. Although there is no hard and fast solution to all child support cases, the family court judge will ultimately do what is best for the children.

How Our Firm Can Help. Serving Gillette & Newcastle, WY.

Whether you need assistance obtaining child support, or you believe you have been ordered to pay an unfair amount, our firm can help. We understand the difficult and often emotional nature of child support issues, which is why we strive to provide open and honest communication, outstanding legal guidance, and reliable representation every step of the way. Our attorneys can assist in making sure your voice is heard in and out of court.

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