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The safety of your children is paramount. If you believe that your child, grandchild, or related minor is in danger, it’s important that you reach out to a Gillette child protection attorney who can help you understand your legal options. At 307 Law Office, we have experience assisting families in a number of complex family law matters, including divorces in which child safety was a concern. We can answer your questions and address your concerns as we help you navigate the legal process. Our firm works to uphold the safety of our clients and their children and to portray an accurate image of life in your family during divorce proceedings.

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How Child Protection is Settled

If you are divorcing from an abusive spouse and there are children involved, you can apply for a temporary protection order that grants you sole custody and prevents your spouse from contacting your children within the divorce or custody case, or you can petition the circuit court for a Domestic Violence Protective Order, which happens separately from any divorce or custody proceeding. While custody issues will been settled in family court, visitation rights may be established in the short term by a Domestic Violence Protective Order. Our Gillette child protection attorneys can offer the proper recommendations regarding the safety of your children during visitation with each parent.

If you are not comfortable or feel unsafe interacting with the other parent of your child regarding visitation, you can petition the court to make the following allowances:

  • Mandatory supervised visitation
  • Transfer of children for visitation in a public space
  • Third-party transfer of children for visitation

No matter your unique situation, the compassionate team at 307 Law Office can help you find the right solution. We offer outstanding representation and reliable legal assistance for all of our clients. Our attorney Dwight Hurich has helped Gillette families with their child protection matters for over 30 years. Our thorough understanding of family law and child protection matters allows us to serve our clients effectively and with care. Our staff is flexible to meet your needs, offering open communication and consistent availability. We treat each and every client like a member of our own family as we help you find the right legal solutions for your own family.

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