307 Law Office Cases

Below Are Some Cases We Are Proud of

Family Law

A mother had to move out of state for better employment when her Gillette job was on the chopping block due to decreased revenue at her company. Her ex-husband filed to stop her from moving and to get full custody of their three children, despite the children’s desire to move with their mother. After a two-day contested trial, the Court modified the decree to give the mother primary custody. The children have moved, mother is able to provide for them well, and they still have a good relationship with their father.

A wife sought divorce in a high-asset marriage with no children. Husband offered only $15,000 cash as settlement. After a contested trial, the wife received $250,000 cash payment plus all of the personal belonging she requested.

A father who works shift work wanted to have visitation of his children during his weeks off. Despite the legal preference against split custody and argument against split custody from the mother, the Court granted a split-custody arrangement so that the father could see his children as much as possible.


A family that borrowed a significant amount of money with the intent and ability to pay the debt found a significant decrease in income due to less overtime at the mine. They were unable to pay their debts and were facing a large garnishment. We were able to stop the garnishment by filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

A husband who lost his wife to cancer was facing several hundred dollars in medical debt from his wife’s treatments. He filed bankruptcy and was able to get the debts discharged.

A woman in recovery from substance abuse was in debt due to substance-related medical debt as well as credit card debt from her addiction. We filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy to clear her debt so that she could get married and rebuild her new life without the financial burden of her past.

Criminal Defense

A father facing felony child abuse charges because of his infant’s diaper rash that his ex alleged were marks from a belt whipping had his charges dismissed by the Court after the defense showed that the state did not have probable cause that a crime was committed.

A contractor charged with theft of scoria from a public pit was acquitted at trial when the defense showed that he had tried to follow an honor system and report how much scoria he had taken.

A young man got into the car of an acquaintance where, unknown to him, there were illegal pills on his seat. The car was pulled over and he was charged with drug possession. He was acquitted at a jury trial when the state failed to prove he knew about the drugs.

Other Cases

An employee fired for trying to raise awareness of certain public dangers in her workplace was denied unemployment benefits. We won her appeal and got her unemployment benefits reinstated.

A son whose mother had passed away and left the house to him and his sister wanted his portion of the house. His sister had lived in the home rent-free for years and refused to buy the son out. We secured a reasonable settlement where the son got his share of his mother’s estate.

A truck driver injured in a collision that rendered him unable to drive trucks settled for the maximum amount allowed under the other driver’s insurance. When his underinsured motorist insurance denied him additional coverage, our firm explored ways to force his insurance to pay under the underinsured motorist claim.

We represent a South Dakota Real Estate Broker, who is also a Wyoming Attorney, in a lawsuit against the local board of realtors, arguing that he is entitled to membership and Multiple Listing Service access to sell homes and that the real estate market should be governed by free market principles. We’re fighting for his right to provide real estate sales legal representation for a flat fee, in opposition to the typical real estate agent relationship.